Here’s a collection of some of the videos we’ve released on the way. Check out our Youtube channel for more!


Trailer #4 (June 2016)

This is the most recent trailer. It shows gameplay from version


Teaser video #2 (2013)

Takes place during the exploration missions on Tau Ceti b which were carried out before the main landing of 2000 colonists. We see small teams of scientists observing the alien wildlife.


‘Muckroot Mining Site’ (Oct 2016)

The dev begins on this open-ended map, mining minerals, then buys gun turrets to take territory from the Swarmers:


‘Production UI’ showcase (Sep 2016)

In this quick video, the dev shows how it’s easy to manage production. We supply fuel for our smoke ovens in a fishing village:


‘Dev Plays’ (August 2016)

The dev starts a hunting expedition on the ‘Alluvial Plain’ sandbox map, showing all the recent automation mechanics:


Developer ‘Let’s Play’ (Part 1) (May 2016)

Here, the developer plays one hour of explaining a lot of the game’s functionality along the way.


‘Making Headway’ ( Showcase) (Apr 2016)

The scenario ‘Making Headway’ is presented here: It starts you off with a small village community that wants to grow. The scenario has a mini-tutorial about making and selling rubber parts:


Teaser video #1 (2010)

Since this early teaser was made we’ve changed the title and the interface design. It shows a  modest outpost as it might appear some years after planetfall, in a not very prosperous Tau Ceti colony: