Magnification setting + Various fixes

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A new graphics setting is now available which is useful for those who play on high-res laptops or large screens or sit far from their screen. By adjusting a slider in the Options menu you can now make everything bigger – something which has often been requested. Read the full patch list HERE

more... Achievements, Trading cards and many improvements

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You can now earn extra satisfaction by completing Steam achievements. You will also get trading cards by playing the game which you can trade for desktop backgrounds, emoticons and badges. The new update adds a number of in-game improvements as well – read the patch list HERE

more... New version available on TEST branch

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We’ve just put up a new version on the test branch. It contains Steam achievements, UI and AI improvements. To play it, you need to select the TEST branch by clicking the game in your Steam library.

Read the patch notes and instructions in our Steam announcement HERE

more... Fixes – and a guide to avoid starvation!

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Following the release from Early Access, we’ve had a lot of activity and feedback and this new update is a result of that. It solves a lot of recently reported issues, check out the patch notes HERE

Also, we now have an official guide to help getting food production up and running – the guide has tips and strategies for both new and experienced players. Read it here:

Food Fundamentals: How to avoid starvation


Version 1.0 is here!

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Unclaimed World reaches version! We leave Early Access today. YAY! Thank you everyone who supported the game! With the release, it’s not over. We want to continue supporting the game as long as possible.

Version includes a new map, called ‘Muckroot Mining Site’. Read all about it in the announcement here:



more... + Ammo Policy and fixes

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We continue adding smaller fixes as we approach release from Early Access on Oct 4th. During this phase we will be grateful for any feedback as we polish the game as much as possible. The most recent patch added the possibility to control what types of ammo to use against vermin as well as various other fixes. Read the patch lists here: Ammo Policy Various Fixes


Release date announced: Oct 4th! Version is out!

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We can now announce the date for release from Early Access: Tuesday, Oct 4th 2016!

Up to that day we’ll work on making the game shine and we have a new version available which is focused on polish – Read the patch notes HERE
The new patch includes big improvements to the interface, to combat and game balance.

Also, check this short new video. In the video, we supply fuel for our smoke ovens using the new production HUD windows:

Releasing from Early Access does not mean that we’ll stop updating it – depending on how things go, there’s a lot of things we would like to add post-release. You can find our roadmap HERE

Hope to hear your feedback as we approach version!


WORKING ON: ‘The Mining Camp’ map. Food. Fishing.

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These are the things we’re currently working on:

-New sandbox map: ‘The Mining Camp’.
-Food/nutrition screens and ledgers.
-Fish traps such as hoop nets and fykes.

Read all about it in THIS POST on Steam.

more... + Some UI improvements

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With these 2 updates we are improving the UI and usability of the game. Some of the additions are:

-Added a pin button to tooltips so they can stay open for easy reference.

-Added production directly from the tooltips.

-Stockpiles and trade storage can now have a limited amount of goods specified with a slider in the stockpile window.

-Tools now have a list of all the objects/processes that they can be used for.

See the full patch lists for the 2 updates: GUI features Some UI improvements





more... ‘Alluvial Plain’ map. Increased performance.

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The recent update gives you a new map to settle on when playing the ’Fields of Tau Ceti’ sandbox. It introduces a new type of farming – it is now possible to cultivate a vegetable called favorbread near certain dead trees.

We have also ported the game’s framework from XNA to MonoGame which increases performance on larger maps and gives a number of other benefits.

Watch the developer play the new map in the video below and