Getting close to release

by on Nov 17, 2013, under Uncategorized

As some of you may have noticed, we passed another release estimate without actually releasing the game. However, the game is well underway, and we are busily putting together all the missing pieces. There are some bugs popping up here and there, but we feel that all of the hard problems have been solved now.

We have started playtesting in the office to make sure that the interface is understandable, and we will continue doing some more tweaks in that department. You can see a few new in-game screenshots in the gallery. We won’t make the interface super pretty this time around, we will postpone the final polish till later.

Now is the time to fill up the demo level with interesting resources for the player to discover, and make sure that all of our creatures get a chance to shine…we do this by tweaking their behaviour, their role in the resource chains and their animations.

So it’s nice for us to see the game shaping up. But, we won’t give a new release estimate other than “very soon”!