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The new version has a detailed trade and renewable resource simulation to add realism and enable very long playthroughs. It also adds ‘peat’, a new fuel type to keep your colony running. Read all about here:


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Version wraps up the automation features by adding automated farming and hunting. Also includes a new ‘cookhouse’ building, a convenient UI overlay  for doing construction and many smaller fixes which are a result of feedback from players. See the patch list HERE

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WORKING ON: ‘Cookhouse’. Also updated roadmap to release.

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We are preparing the next features for the upcoming update They include a customizable kitchen building, automated farming and hunting and a better tool for placing structures on the map.

We also have an updated roadmap with the list of features we want to finish before releasing the game from early access.

Read about it HERE

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New update is out! We add a number of features such as:

-Continuous production
You can now automate production and gathering which drastically reduces the need for micromanagement and completely changes the way you can play the game.
Your colonists will now have a say in what type of colony you can build. A majority of ambitious personalities is needed to build or buy more advanced technology.
-Customization of buildings
It’s now possible to furnish houses and equip many types of workshops.

Many more things are added…
Read the full patch list ( HERE

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New: Gameplay Trailer #4

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Just finished a new trailer which is made from gameplay footage from version I wanted to show that in the game, your colonists are free individuals with the power to control their own lives while at the same time being restricted by the rest of the colony. Hope you like it!

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WORKING ON: Furniture and upgrades for buildings

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You will soon be able to furnish your shelters and houses and outfit your workshops with different machines. This feature will make buildings a lot more realistic and versatile.
We are also making ‘standing gather orders’ which will make it easier to have a steady stream of materials flowing into your colony. With a variety of other new features, the next patch will be a very interesting one. Read more about the upcoming features in our news post on Steam.

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NEW VIDEO: ‘Developer Let’s Play’

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We now have a video up which shows one hour gameplay from version The developer talks about game functionality as he starts a farming settlement on the sandbox map ‘Fields of Tau Ceti’:


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WORKING ON: ‘Democracy’. ‘Tech Tiers’. ‘Automation’

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Soon, dissatisfied colonists will be able to do something constructive instead of just leaving. They will support proposals to improve the colony’s conditions by raising the tech level. Such votes are required if you want to transition from a hunter-gatherer camp to a farming town, for example.
To reduce micromanagement, we are also putting in automated production and adding mines and quarries which will make resource extraction automatic. You can read more HERE

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A new update is now available – it includes a new scenario, ‘The Clay Pit’ that gradually teaches you the basics of the game as you manage a crew of laborers. When your work crew have met their quota, they can continue expanding the settlement if they are able to repulse a flock of dangerous animals that live nearby.
The new update also contains a new feature, ‘Maintenance’ as well as numerous improvements to the interface. Read the full patch list HERE

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WORKING ON: New scenario – The Clay Pit

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We’re well underway with the next update which will contain a new scenario, The Clay Pit, specially designed for new players. You’ll manage a labor crew that want to turn a temporary operation into a permanent settlement.
We’re also adding the feature ‘maintenance/repair’ and improvements to the Task Manager Screen. Read more and see images HERE

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