Trade and Migration

by on Jan 29, 2016, under Uncategorized

New version is out: ‘Trade and Migration’ brings you the ability to import/export goods and add people to your colony.

On the ‘Fields of Tau Ceti’ map, your settlers are now equipped with a radio which can put them in touch with the neighbor settlement ‘Starsnare Point’ and arrange trade deals.

Read the full patch list HERE

See one of the devs demonstrate the new features in THIS video (1 hour). It’ll walk you through many of the functionalities up to this point, so it’s also a way to learn how to play.

Also, the website has now finally been updated with  a new ‘Features’ page (revised roadmap) a new ‘Overview’ page and new ‘Story’ pages that better describe the current game. (Most activity takes place on the Steam forum and this website is sometimes neglected because of lack of time!)