Unclaimed World is a colony sim game that takes place on an alien planet where you manage interstellar pioneers and their descendants.
The game draws inspiration from ‘The Settlers’, ‘Dwarf Fortress’ and Paradox games.

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The game is a single player, Windows PC game. It will be continually developed and updated — when you buy, you get access to all existing and future content.
Check out the gameplay trailer:
Indirect control – the colonists are free and have a democratic society. Dissatisfied people can either leave or vote for improving their colony: Only if you have ambitious inhabitants will you be able to unlock more advanced technology and develop a bushcraft camp into a comfortable town.

-Realistic sci-fi, pioneer setting
-Simulation of alien nature, human needs and frontier community
-Detailed, flexible crafting

The game takes place in a realistic sci-fi setting, in a plausible future without Faster-than-Light travel. Humans landed on a Tau Ceti planet in 2238 after a 100 year journey. Over the generations, the Tau Ceti colonists lost the advanced equipment which was brought to the planet and the descendants formed simple frontier societies based on farming, fishing and trade.
We explore the history of the planet’s colonization in various scenarios and sandbox maps. We continually develop new scenarios with different objectives and features.

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